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Hello everyone. This month I wanted to make more personal message, and explain what’s going on with Soundholder right now. In the past weeks I’ve been implementing some changes in my approach to creating sound libraries. I’ve made a lot of gear upgrades to back up those decisions, and today I would like to introduce first results of those ideas.

1. Specialisation.

So far, I wasn’t limited to themes when it comes to releasing sound libraries. From now on, this will change. My main focus for this platform will be engine based sound libraries.

2. Content.

Up till this point I was mainly recording regular cars, but this will improve. Apart from recording “normal” vehicles I’m adding some more unique ones to the library, starting today with Subaru Impreza GD WRX. Be sure to listen to the preview.

3. Quality.

To improve sound libraries few investments have been made. From now on, each library will always include onboard sounds with much more detailed recordings including exhaust, air intake, turbos, engine and stereo LR interior. Quality have been improved already, but it’s a learning curve, so I expect nothing less than better recordings.

4. Versatility / Variety.

With quality improvement goes versatility. Now each library features files both for movies and games. Rpm ramps and constant rpm loops are a part of each library. The amount and variety of external recordings also improved. What does it mean for customers? More manoeuvres for easier sound editing and foley in each library.

5. Timing.

In the past release scheme at Soundholder was completely random. No schedules, no plans. From now on, you can expect new high quality car recordings on regular basis. I will send only one mail at the end of each month, to sum up what was released to not bother you with every single library.

6. Feedback.

I would like to take more time to listen to your ideas and complains regarding purchased sound libraries. If you find anything annoying, badly designed or just inconvenient to work with in my sound libraries, please let me know at: contact@soundholder.com.

7. Pricing.

With new content and quality, there goes new pricing. I won’t argue, everything became more expensive, but I think it’s justified by improvement of quality, variety and versatility of content. It’s also more up to market standards.

8. Discounts.

From now on, there will be only two major sales per year. First is Black Friday / Cyber Monday which will happen quite soon. The other one is platforms Birthday (1st of June). No exceptions.

9. Special Newsletter Subscribers Discount.

As a thank you for following my Newsletter messages, I’ve made something special. 10$ discount code without expiration date, available for every purchase, without limits. To receive it in next email, please add your address down below. You’ll receive email with confirmation link.

I hope you’ll enjoy new content as much as I enjoy the whole process behind it.

Thank you for your time.
Dawid Moroz



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