By: Dawid Moroz On: 16 September 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Summer Ambients sound library now features additional 59 files. After 3 months of scouting locations I’ve managed to record clean ambients of forests (during and after rain), lakes, meadows, swamps and suburbs. The total length of this update is 123 minutes, which is 2x more than the original library! Some of the locations were really hard to reach, I had to rent a boat and spend a night on it to capture what I was after, but based on the quality of those files, I think it was worth it. Down below you can listen to small preview of those files, read the sound list and watch some pictures from my trips.

Equipment used to record this update: Sound Devices 702, Sennheiser MKH 8040 ORTF, Oktava MK012 XY, Rode NTG3, Sony PCM-M10.

You can buy it this library here (10$ discount for the next 2 days), or grab a Nature Bundle and save 30%! The sound list for this library is available here.

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