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Cameras sound library features sounds of 20 different cameras. In this 6 minutes long sound library you will find sounds of different camera shutters, pulling film advance levers, handling noises, self timers, AF mechanisms, pushing buttons and rotating dials. This sound library features camera models from companies like Kodak, Polaroid, Nikon, Olympus, Yashica, Minolta, Fujica, Halina or Pentax. All sound effects were recorded with Rode NTG3 and Oktava MK012 microphone plugged into Sound Devices 702 recorder.

Renault Master III

Renault Master III vehicle sound library was recorded during regular driving, accelerating, decelerating and more demanding way of driving with steady RPMs, slow accelerations and decelerations for game implementation. In addition to designed files, this library features RAW sounds pulled straight out of the recorder. In this 105(without RAW files) minutes long sound library you will find 16 designed and 32 raw engine sounds recorded onboard, 30 pass by and engine exterior sounds, 17 foley files and 9 engine interior recorded inside vehicles cabin in sync with microphones under the hood. All sound effects were recorded with Sound Devices 702, Rode NTG3, Sony PCM-M10 and two DPA 4061 microphones.


Volkswagen Golf II

Volkswagen Golf library now features 29 additional files with total length of 42 minutes (without RAW files) of engine recorded with two DPA 4061 microphones, exterior pass by sound effects recorded with Rode NTG3 and Sony PCM-M10, aggressive car braking sound and additional interior and exterior sound effects of car driving on different roads. This update includes designed and raw files, pulled straight out of the 702 recorder. There is 45 files (including RAW files) with total length of 101 minutes.


Nature Bundle

Nature sound effects bundle is a go to pack for anyone interested in all around nature sounds. This bundle includes all nature libraries available on soundholder, 4 sound libraries worth 200$ are now available as one for only 150$. Nature SFX bundle features 147 files, 10.79GB of data, 338 minutes of audio.

Vehicles Bundle

Vehicles sound effects bundle is a go to pack for anyone interested in all around car sounds. This bundle includes all vehicle libraries available on soundholder. 6 sound libraries worth 415$ are now available as one for only 290$ so you’r saving 30%. This SFX bundle features 673 files, 30.49 GB of data, 839 minutes of audio.


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