Swipes & Whooshes


Format: WAV
Size: 1.22 GB
Contents: 66 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 35 minutes and it includes 1841 swipes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit.

Product Description



Swipes & Whooshes sound library is a collection of different air-cutting sounds emitted by everyday objects flying with a high speed. It can be a great and handy tool in designing more complex sound effects for games, like weapons sound effects or game user interface. Everything was recorded with high quality equipment, able to capture frequencies well above 20kHz, so it’s a very flexible material when it comes to stretching or pitch shifting. 66 stereo ORTF files features 1841  sound effects, cause each recording contains different variations of the same activity. The total length of the files is 35 minutes, and you can read more about included sounds here. As for the post processing, everything was edited and mastered. Editing came down to removing unwanted sounds between takes, and mastering to removing harsh sounding frequencies, compressing and setting everything on level that is comfortable to work with, so you don’t have to constantly adjust the levels while looking for specific sound. Inside this library you’ll find whooshes created with objects like:

  • different brooms
  • old mop
  • boompole
  • ropes
  • clothes
  • different objects tied to rope
  • torch
  • umbrellas
  • different plastic long objects
  • baskets and containers
  • others



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