Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 Magnaflow


Format: WAV
Size: 5.01 GB
Contents: 85 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 111 minutes + RAW files and alternative engine mix. Meta-Tagged in Soundminer.


Product Description


This is the sound of power. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 litre engine, V8 with magnaflow sound library features 85 files recorded with Sound Devices 702, Zoom F8, Sony PCM-M10, two Senneheisers MKH 8040, two DPA 4061 microphones and Rode NTG3. Engine was recorded under the hood with two microphones, on the exhaust and inside drivers cabin at the same time. Exterior passes were also recorded with different gear and different perspectives. The mono file was recorded with 8040 following a car all the time, one static perspective with 8040 and stereo with Sony PCM-M10. Additional foley files were captured with one 8040. This library includes sound effects like regular driving, accelerations, engine on/idle/off, rpm ramps, reverse, slow and fast pass-by, stopping and driving away sounds and more.

  • engine with interior – 16 files – 60 minutes
  • engine alternative mix – 8 files – 30 minutes
  • engine RAW – 4 files – 120 minutes
  • exterior passes – 62 files – 50 minutes
  • foley – 3 files – 1 minute


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