Arvor 215 Boat


Format: WAV
Size: 4.08 GB
Contents: 39 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 147 minutes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit.

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Product Description


Arvor 215 boat sound library features recordings of diesel engine in sync with propeller. Onboard sound effects were recorded with two DPA 4061 microphones, taped under the “hood” and on the back of the boat, near the propeller. Inside this library you’ll find engine on and off sounds, running on neutral gear and three recordings of boat working on different settings. There is a low, medium and high speed/rpm, each starting with engine being turned on, and than slowly going to desired speed. It’s easy to mix those recordings, and change their pitch, because of the 96kHz sample rate. All of the engine sounds are represented by 4 different mixes. Mix 1 is a mono recording with the advantage of the engine over the propeller. Mix 2 is also mono, but with engine rumble hidden in propeller splashes. Mix 3 is the stereo one, with the additional track mixed in. It enhances the water splashes with much wider recording. Mix 4 is also stereo, but the engine level is lower, so the water splashes from the back of the boat could stand out in the mix. Naturally there are RAW files, so you can design the sound on your own. Last but not least, additional files recorded on the boat while floating and running. You can read the full description of the files in sound list here.

Engine Mono Mix 1 and 2 – 8 files, 28 minutes

Engine Stereo Mix 1 and 2 – 8 files, 28 minutes

Engine RAW files – 12 files, 42 minutes

Other files – 11 files, 49 minutes



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