Nature & Ambients Bundle


Format: WAV
Size: 46.43 GB
Contents: 426 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 1323 minutes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit and Soundminer.

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Product Description

This bundle is also available on hard drive. If you prefer to acquire it in physical version, send me an email at


Nature & Ambients Bundle offers recordings of different animals, natural ambients from Poland and Norway, ambients from Sicily with people/ walla and silence from bunkers. It’s 10 libraries, 46.43GB of audio, 426 files with total length of 1323 minutes.

  • Baltic Sea (56 files, 5.12GB, 153 minutes) : stereo recordings in different configurations of waves crushing on the shore and rocks, includes additional foley with splashes
  • Beehive (14 files, 1.55GB, 44 minutes) : stereo recordings of bees recorded outside and inside a hive
  • Bunkers (23 files, 2.02GB, 57 minutes) : stereo recordings of silence inside old WWII bunkers
  • Cormorants (32 files, 3.46GB, 119 minutes) : stereo and mono ambients from a colony with more than 1000 nests, includes high quality recordings of nestlings
  • Eurasian Cranes (13 files, 2.36GB, 68 minutes) : stereo ambients from a colony with more than 1000 birds
  • Harbours Of Norway (25 files, 5.82GB, 167 minutes) : stereo ambients from shores full of seagulls and industrial sounds from docks
  • Italy – Sicilian Ambients (36 files, 11.17GB, 287 minutes) : stereo ambients from Trapani, includes sounds from fish market and different streets full of people, walla
  • Roaring Stags (45 files, 2.15GB, 65 minutes) : stereo and mono ambients from the forest, echoic roars
  • Summer Ambients (92 files, 5.96GB, 175 minutes) : beautiful stereo and mono ambients from Polish forests, meadows, swamps and lakes
  • Water Flow (90 files, 6.82GB, 188 minutes) : library with water flowing out of your speakers, stereo ambients from different rivers, streams, brooks



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