Meow! – by Soundholder’s Cat

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Format: WAV
Size: 255 MB
Contents: 143 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 15 minutes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit.

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Product Description


Meow! by my cat is a collection of various cute sounds generated by Neva Masquarade cat. They are known for making a lot of noises, and that’s basically what I’m living with on daily basis, so why not to record and let her afford those expensive and fancy treats she likes so much?! More than 130 sounds, released both as individual sound effects for game audio, and grouped long files for other media. Short and long meows, some sweet sounds, the voice of anger and much more, produced and generated by Fiona, I only held the mic!

Behind a scenes pictures of me editing sounds, and producer criticising my work. 


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