Mechanical & Designed Bundle


Format: WAV
Size: 56.54 GB
Contents: 1780 files
Sound list: download8

Sounds were recorded in 96kHz and 24bits. The total length of the files is 1599 minutes. Meta-Tagged in BWF MetaEdit and Soundminer.

Product Description

This bundle is also available on hard drive. If you prefer to acquire it in physical version, send me an email at


Mechanical & Designed Bundle offers recordings of different tools like lawn mower, chainsaw, vintage cameras or brush cutters. In addition to regular recordings there are some more experimental sounds, like metal recorded with contact microphones, electro-magnetic field recorded with special mics, props recorded with 50kHz Sennheisers, swipes and whooshes, and last but not least, 8bit retro sound effects.

  • Abstract Aqua (208 files, 17.54GB, 334 minutes) : designed water sound effects
  • Brush Cutter (41 files, 3.07GB, 87 minutes) : ambients and sounds of people cutting small trees with brush cutters
  • Cameras (100 files, 0.63GB, 6 minutes) : shutters and other sounds of 20 different vintage cameras
  • Chainsaw (111 files, 4.3GB, 116 minutes) : recordings of chainsaws, exterior perspectives and engine recorded with taped close microphones (RAW files included)
  • EMF (216 files, 13.49GB, 378 minutes) : hum, buzz and noises emitted by 80 different electronic devices
  • Lawn Mower (64 files, 3.86GB, 64 minutes) : lawn mower engine recorded with close microphones (includes RAW files), exterior perspectives and foley
  • Metal Contact (136 files, 4.16GB, 230 minutes) : metal objects hit with different tools, recored with contact microphones
  • Props Box (169 files, 5.07GB, 292 minutes) : foley sound effects made with different materials like plastic, metal, rubber, glass and more
  • Retro Games (646 files, 1.19GB) : 8bit retro sound effects like guns, jumping, GUI, explosions, footsteps and more
  • Swipes & Whooshes (66 files, 1.22GB, 35 minutes) : air-cutting sounds made with different objects flying with high speeds



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